In His Majesty's Service.



Show us
Teach us to celebrate your glory
Show us where to go
We want to bring your feast everywhere


She is beauty to me
More precious than any gems
Than any possession
She is free
She is joy
Her heart gives me strength
Her smile and gentleness
They comfort me
She must know her worth is great
That she is beautiful
Reveal it to her
Through me
For she is beauty to me
Thank you for creating her


To grow
To try
To lead
To serve
Keep me humble
Keep me humble
Help me to not think more highly of myself than I ought to
But I desire to do
To do for you My King
Keep my motives pure
I’m scared of so much
Not being found
But you’ve found me
Not being given a chance
But I can make the chance
So scared
I hope I can be heard
I hope I can act when I don’t believe in the organization
Let me hope only in you
I’m scared
I just want to do what you want me to do
My mind is exploding
My heart is everywhere
My mind hurts my soul when my fears get first place in my thoughts
I’m not inadequate - but I feel that way
I just need her
And you My King
Forgive me for my anger and fear and lack of action and all the rest
Help me see the opportune moment
And help me to see you


I love her
Forgive me
My weakness had to be shown
To shine light and let life grow
Death grows amongst the hidden truths
Pain and weeping comes
Accompanied by freedom and unity
I pray
For our unity

On this day on which The Lord of all came among servants, let the lords also bow down to their servants lovingly.

On this day when the rich One was made poor for our sake, let the rich man also make the poor man a sharer at his table.

On this day a gift came out to us without our asking for it; let us then give alms to those who cry out and beg from us…

This Lord of natures today was transformed contrary to his nature; it is not too difficult for us also to overthrow our evil will.

Bound is the body by its nature for it cannot grow larger or smaller; but powerful is the will for it may grow to all sizes.

Today the Deity imprinted itself on humanity so that humanity might also be cut into the seal of Deity.

—Ephrem the Syrian;
Hymns on the Nativity, I.93-99


Teach us in everything
To be growing closer
To each other
To you, our King
Following thee
We pant for your streams


Trusting in you
It’s my life blood
My joy
To keep me fretting about things here
As I get upset
As I feel unimportant
Where am I called?
Is there a calling for me?
Drained when I feel unused
When I feel no faith in my abilities
I feel no confidence from others
No unity
And I hate all this as I write it
Keep me honest
Even when my anger and confusion tries to take hold


Let those around me be my ministry
My passion
My energy
My life
And in all those I know
Let me be fueled by you
When I am alone,
Let me speak with you
About them
The world
Let me never say that your worth is in what you’ve done for me
But let me find your great worth in who you are
I follow you
Guide me to follow you closer
To, in every instance, find how I can be nearer to thee
I strive for you
And to help those around me walk with you more closely
Keep me in tune with you
My King
I serve you